Are frozen masks effective?

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It's been cold for a quite some time but it is worth repeating public health mask wearing advice for cold weather.

We think one upside of wearing masks in winter is they help keep your lower face warm while out for a walk.   


But will your mask work if it gets wet and/or freezes?

No, a frozen mask is not fully effective.

Health Canada and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control advise that once a mask gets wet, it's no longer fully effective. A frozen mask becomes harder to breathe through but, more importantly, no longer provides the benefit of capturing respiratory droplets and preventing them from leaving your masked face.  

Recently cited by CBC, Dr. Matthew Oughton, an assistant professor at McGill University and an infectious diseases specialist recommends:

  •    if you are going to wear a mask outdoors in the cold for a long period of time, have two (or three) as back-up so there is a dry one available
  •    And most important: make sure the mask is cloth. The paper kind — the surgical style ones — degrade and tear far more easily when they       get wet

If you're simply going for a walk in the neighbourhood or taking the dog for a jaunt, the risk of transmission is very low. 

A mask is needed when going in and out of stores, taking transit and for other trips outside of your home. Keep it on the whole time and do not touch your the mask due to the potential of contamination by handling it. 

You can read more from the CBC here


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