Discarded PPE: Health hazard and environmental nightmare

Posted by Sue Fisher on

Choosing to wear a washable, cloth mask instead of a disposable mask offers many benefits. It is more economical and certainly more environmental. We have all seen discarded masks and gloves in the parking lots of local grocery stores, pharmacies and home improvement retailers.

Yes, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is vital and needs to be used by health-care workers to treat the millions of cases worldwide. And it is now recommended that Canadians wear non-medical face coverings in their everyday lives when out shopping or when physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

But as a mountain of single-use masks (and gloves) are piling up across the world, often carelessly discarded on sidewalks and in parking lots, you can do your part by wearing a washable cloth mask.

Hand sewn masks can be made to fit individual face shapes plus natural fabrics are more breathable for extended use.

Bear in mind that although many disposable masks may look like they’re made of paper or natural fabric, they are in fact manufactured using polymers that may take decades or longer to decompose.

So whether you opt for one of our hand sewn masks or choose higher end fashion masks that are more expensive, a Canadian made cotton mask is a responsible choice that is washable and reusable. And will look great too!


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