Evolution of Mask Wearing Advice

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Back in April and of course earlier, Canadians were told that if they were not sick or if they had not been around someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, then there was no need to wear a mask.

But in May that changed. Canada’s chief public health officer reversed course and advised Canadians to use non-medical masks can help to control the spread of COVID-19.

Sadly it took an incredibly long time for this policy recommendation to be announced. And while our country and the world was in the midst of a deadly pandemic, this interval between evolving advisories amounted to an awfully long delay.

It frankly makes us wonder what the outcome would have been, could have been, if Canadians had adopted wearing cloth masks sooner. At that time the World Health Organization still maintained that masks were only called for when healthy people when taking care of an infected person.

We suspect that the delay in public health advice was likely intended to preserve much needed medical masks for front line personnel. Had mask wearing been recommended as a public health proviso, protecting the supply of medical masks from being snapped up would have been challenging.

Some Canadians were early adopters - now you are wearing Masks too.

In a public health emergency like the one we are facing in Canada, widespread adoption of masks is incredibly important.

Even if you are not symptomatic, wearing a Mask is less to protect you from everyone else than it is to protect everyone else from you. If you’re wearing one and the other folks at the grocery store or the pharmacy are wearing theirs, we are all better off.

Hand sewn cotton masks are beneficial in preventing the spread of the virus, alongside all the other preventative measures such as frequent hand washing and physical distancing.

 So thank you for wearing a Mask.


We wear a mask to protect other people.

Other people wear masks to protect us.

I wear a mask to protect other people.

Other people wear a mask to protect me.



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