Recycling our textiles - giving leftover fabric a second life

Posted by Sue Fisher on

Just a few kilometres north of Toronto is the municipality of Markham, Ontario, where they offer a fantastic drop-off depot for textile recycling.

As a small business, it is extremely important to us to make sure that all of the small, unusable fabric scraps from hand-cutting our cotton fabric masks do not contribute to landfill. 

Pulling up in the parking lot, the depot strangely looks like a kids play shed!  But make no mistake: this is serious business.  Fabric scraps left at the Markham depot are recycled and repurposed into industrial rags, furniture padding, pillow stuffing, home insulation and car seat stuffing.

We only use 100% cotton fabric in our masks, so our fabric scraps are perfectly suited to be repurposed through recycling.

Every business should be looking carefully at ways to reduce their contribution to landfill.  We like the idea of doing our part to contribute to making our planet a little bit healthier. 

Thank you Markham for offering this terrific new service!  We hope the textile recycling industry will continue to grow.  Perhaps someday we'll see textile recycling depots in Toronto?


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