Disposable masks with graphene recalled by Health Canada

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Months ago we posted “Discarded PPE: Health hazard and environmental nightmare” commenting on the consequence of carelessly discarded single-use masks (and gloves) piling up globally. I’m not a scientist, nor could I have predicted possible health outcomes of single use disposable masks.

Health Canada says the potential for people to inhale graphene particles from face masks and the related health risks are not yet known and the health risk to people of any age is not clear. Read the recall here: Health Canada recall of disposable masks with graphene

How is any consumer to determine whether their disposable masks are treated with or manufactured with Graphene? Where are they manufactured? Are all materials fully disclosed on packaging?

Perhaps people elected to wear disposable masks because of the convenience to throw them away - didn't want to wash their masks. Others may have believed they are safe or been told to wear medical masks. We’ve all seen people hanging them on the rear view mirrors of their cars, indicating improper multiple uses. And to be frank, as a small business, we have always felt that medical masks do not fit properly – they look to have gaps on the sides and since the elastics are long enough to be one size fits all, they tend to be loose which makes fit a problem. 

We make masks from cotton. We machine wash and tumble dry our cotton before hand-sewing each mask. Customers tell us they appreciate soft fabric masks made from natural material. We offer masks in 2 layer or 3 layer and customers can choose tightly woven 600 thread count cotton as the 3rd middle layer or select the 3rd middle layer to be sew-in, non-woven rigid polyester. Each mask has a dart on the cheek to provide a close fit to the face and all masks have elastics that are adjustable for all head and face sizes. Further, customers can choose to add a Nose Wire for superior fit - a small, flexible aluminum strip is sewn securely inside the interior layers of masks that helps limit air from leaking out of the top of your mask.



As two formidable Toronto women, we started our small business by hand-sewing all the masks that we sell.  We cut four pieces of cotton for every mask and sew them all together to make a smartly tailored, handmade cotton face mask.  We take comfort and fit very seriously.  You can adjust your mask to your unique face and head size to achieve a comfortable fit, with no gaps. We are careful to select all-natural, tightly woven quilters' cottons in all our masks, and we wash and tumble dry before hand-sewing each mask.  We have over 100 styles to choose from, and adding more each week.  We are proud to operate an ethical business and having a positive impact on the environment.  You can feel good knowing that each mask is sewn by hand right here in Canada.



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