Kid's Masks for age 3-8 now available

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We are pleased to announce new small-sized Kids Masks, specially tailored for Kids.

Our regular masks fit kids from age 9 through to adults.  How can that be? It is all thanks to our special adjustable elastics.

The special adjustable elastic straps give everyone a great, form-fitting and most importantly, a comfortable fit.  Because you can adjust the elastics, each mask fits everyone’s unique face and head size.

Deciding on Kids Masks

Our Kids Masks are uniquely tailored for young kids, age 3 - 8 years old.

We think you will find these small masks are very well suited for the 3 - 8 age group. Your child will get a personal fit for their face size.  They provide form-fitting comfort and most importantly, are comfortable to wear all day.

Elastic ends are knotted to ensure elastic adjusters remain securely in place. Without a knot, the silicone toggle could slip off in the washing machine or become separated in their backpack or pocket, or little hands might fiddle and remove the elastic adjusters. 

Due to the personal nature of masks, regrettably we cannot accept returns or exchanges. You would certainly not want to receive a mask that has already been worn by someone else.

What about older children?

Kids Masks may fit kids that are 9 or even 10 years old, if you feel your child's face or head is particularly small.  If you are unsure about fitting a Kids Mask on an 8 year old or older child, consider ordering one of our regular-sized masks with adjustable elastics.  Having tried this first, you'll know for sure and can order a Kids Mask, if that will improve the fit.

Having written before about being skeptical of the quality of some kid's masks being sold elsewhere, we find there are issues that many parents may not be aware of since many Kid’s Masks are made of polyester, not cotton.

Latest research indicates that masks made with a high thread count cotton provide the best filtration efficiency.

We are very proud of our 100% cotton Kids Masks, we think you will be very happy with the softness and fit and most importantly, your kids will be comfortable wearing them. 


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