Masks - how do they fit - how many do I need?

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Adjustable masks cover most faces comfortably and work well when you wear them properly.

It's a big win when a fabric mask fits the curves of your face, covers your nose and mouth and is so comfortable that you won’t touch and adjust it throughout the day.

Elastic ear loops with cord stops like ours allow you to have a customizable fit.


Mask Wearing - The New Normal

You should have a quite few on hand. This way you will always have some ready as backup and a few extras for some leeway if you don’t get to the laundry right away. Having multiple masks means you can wash them and have back-ups ready. Pack a few masks each day and have a way to keep soiled masks separate during your day. 

Your masks are machine washable - hand washing your masks is okay too. We recommend that you wash a new mask before wearing it for the first time.


Keep your masks accessible

Store them in a bin or on hooks near the door so you’re less likely to rush out without one. Have a distinct spot, basket or bin for dirty worn masks to go into that is separate from your supply of clean masks.

Keep spares in your bag or car - in kid’s backpacks.

This way, if the one you’re wearing gets dirty or wet, you’ll have another one close and handy. Bacteria and viruses thrive in wet, warm materials and a wet mask could become an incubator. When your mask becomes wet, take it off by the elastics immediately without touching the face piece and put on a clean one.


How often should you wash your masks?

Just like you wash your hands to keep from spreading the virus to surfaces or other people, you wash your mask for the same reason.

So part of wearing a mask is washing a mask. Wash masks after each use - it’s clear some folks do not follow this guideline but it is an important one. You wear a mask to be safer, surely washing it properly is as important as wearing it in the first place. If you have a few masks available for everyone in the household, washing masks isn’t time-consuming or difficult.

Think of masks like socks, how many pairs of socks do you have? Likely more than one or do you just keep washing that one pair of socks…?


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  • This is the most comfortable mask I own so far
    It fits the face perfectly – there is no nose wire but it isn’t necessary and I actually prefer it.

    Can you please make some holiday designs.

    shari lalonde on

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