Making mask-wearing a habit

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Making mask-wearing a habit


To prevent transmission of COVID-19, Toronto and other GTA municipalities now require transit riders and shoppers to wear face coverings in public to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.


Hopefully we all know by now that masks could help more people get back to resuming business and schooling, make it safer to go out shopping and speed the a return to regular life.


Certainly people who were already wearing masks are motivated to protect themselves from this very contagious virus. And now that public health leaders have finally mandated mask wearing, hopefully substantial collective participation can be achieved.


So awareness of the need to wear masks is well underway. Perhaps in the face of all the uncertainty, wearing a mask can make people feel as though they are doing something to counter that uncertainty.


If you think about it, wearing a mask can help you to establish a sense of control.


In our home we keep clean masks in the hall by the front door, in the console of the car, in our purse or school bag, anywhere close at hand.


And when we get home we throw our masks in the washing machine and the dryer. Sometimes it’s convenient to wash them by hand and leave them to dry - you can choose how you want to wash your masks.


The cotton we use to hand sew our 2 layer [*changed to optional 3 layers in Nov 2020] masks has already been machine washed in hot water and been through the hot cycle of the dryer before we start sewing.


Go ahead and wash your masks, in the machine with the rest of your laundry or just by hand because it’s convenient when you get in the door.


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