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soft-masks.ca now offers 3 Layer masks

Posted by Sue Fisher on

Following recent changes to the Canada COVID-19 non-medical mask guidelines, our customers can now choose to add a 3rd middle layer of fabric to your custom-sewn cotton mask.

You can opt for an third, middle layer made with either:

  • 600 thread count, 100% cotton


  • Rigid polyester interfacing

600 thread count 100% cotton is very tightly woven, soft and flexible. This high thread count cotton has the same washability as the cotton we use to hand sew masks. If you like a soft flexible mask then this is a great choice. 

Rigid polyester interfacing is stiff like a tailored shirt collar or cuffs, renders masks that are not flexible.  


Care for your 3 layer mask exactly as you would for any cotton garment:

  • Wash between uses
  • Hand or machine wash
  • Hang or tumble dry low (due to the potential for high heat to affect the elastics)


We are not using polypropylene in our masks for several reasons:

  • Cannot be washed at high temperatures, so laundering is a problem
  • Cannot be ironed, or it will melt 
  • Cannot be put in the dryer, since it prone to warp or melt with the heat
  • Degrades quickly over time with repeated washing

Common products made from polypropylene include construction house wrap, black plant barrier for gardening, textured grocery bags, blue fabric surgical sheeting. There is a myriad of opinions on the disadvantages and merits of polypropylene so for all the aforementioned reasons we are not incorporating this in our masks.

About soft-masks.ca 

As two formidable Toronto women, we started our small business by hand-sewing all the masks that we sell.  We cut four pieces of cotton for every mask and sew them all together to make a smartly tailored, handmade cotton face mask.  We take comfort and fit very seriously.  You can adjust your mask to your unique face and head size to achieve a comfortable fit, with no gaps. We are careful to select all-natural, tightly woven quilters' cottons in all our masks, and we wash and tumble dry before hand-sewing each mask.  We have over 100 styles to choose from, and adding more each week.  We are proud to operate an ethical business and having a positive impact on the environment.  You can feel good knowing that each mask is sewn by hand right here in Canada.


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