This is not how we make masks

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We are a small business. We sew masks by hand. We cut the fabric pattern by hand and piece together 4 individually cut parts of a pattern and make it into a smartly constructed, well-tailored fabric mask with comfortable latex free adjustable elastics so you will get a unique and personalized fit.


We think hand-sewn soft cotton masks are vastly superior to un-environmental, destined for landfill, single-use masks. Disposable masks are made from polypropylene, a fossil fuel-based plastic that takes decades to break down in landfill. Not to mention single-use masks once in landfill shed tiny micro plastics into the water table. They are not recyclable and even if they were, the economics to collect, separate and recycle masks do not add up and are a disincentive for any potential recycling initiatives.


You can do your part by using a washable cloth mask instead of a disposable one.


And if you choose to buy from a small Canadian company like ours, you will receive a carefully constructed, handmade fabric mask made from soft cotton that washes really well. Thanks for visiting , we hope you can find some mask patterns you like for yourself and your family to wear comfortably.


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