Why adjustable elastic?

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We make our masks with adjustable elastic straps so you get a great, form-fitting and most importantly, a comfortable fit. Our masks are tailored and stylish and you will find that our adjustable elastics provide everyone with a unique, personal fit for their face. And because our elastics are adjustable, they make our masks fit children, tweens, teenagers and adults comfortably.


Knotted ends

We have knotted the ends of our elastics so the special silicone elastic toggles will remain secure.

You can machine wash and put our masks in the dryer. You might notice most masks are sold without adjustable elastics. And while some companies sell masks with adjusters on their elastics, they are unsecured. Without a knot, the silicone toggle could slip off the end in the washing machine. Or become separated in your bag or pocket or… if kids fiddle with them or pull them off...


So now you know all about the adjustable elastic on the masks you buy from soft-masks.ca


Enjoy your unique, soft cotton masks, especially the fact that your mask is personally fitted for your face.



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